With all the troubles that have now been had by internet poker rooms and casinos in addition to the payment processing services such as Neteller that are related to them. It’s seemingly a strange attempt by the us government that sees all manner of laws and regulations directed at averting internet poker room and casino players out of engaging in their favorite sites. The legal troubles that Neteller had were so harsh and so worried that the full company has ceased service in the United States altogether. With no end in sight to that onslaught of crippling regulations and industry specific laws which the United States government keeps handing down, it would seem that online poker room and casino players that frequent websites are guaranteed to get the brief end of the stick once the smoke clears.

It has always been a puzzle that the Link alternatif States government would so adamantly and fervently fight against such a strong source of revenue and revenue for American taxpayers that online poker rooms and such casinos dependent on the Web as represent. Considering just how much money can be made for American citizens in this fashion it is not easy to feel that it is illegal to operate an Internet-based gambling operation of any sort, including the omnipresent game of gambling, from American soil.

With new regulations that could take 2% of the online poker room and casino players bankrolled deposit for a form of entertainment tax aimed specifically in online poker room and casino players at Internet sites such as, it’s tough to think that lots of players will probably remain playing in this atmosphere of hostility that the government has engendered on the Internet.

With more and more on the web poker room players and casino enthusiasts protesting the brutal treatment for their preferred sport, the government is more and more recalcitrant to renege in their prior legislation and regulations, despite the fact that they may seem somewhat shortsighted in retrospect.